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January 2024-Spotlight No1 is on YOU.

Dear Reader,

As this is the first blog of 2024 and the first blog of the Everyday Fitness spotlight series, I feel as though I should introduce myself. My name is Danny Day. I am the founder and current CEO, manager, director or whatever you’d like to call it, of Everyday Fitness Gym Ltd. I first created the company back in 2019 when I became a self employed personal trainer, delivering 1-1’s and classes at multiple locations in Swindon. Fast forward, Covid-19 happened and it forced me to evaluate the direction I wanted to steer the ship in next.

An opportunity arose and 3 months later, we were waiting for the government to say we could open our doors for the first time. Over the last 3 and a half years, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with incredible clients and members, just like yourself. We have learnt so much over this period and as my time as a personal trainer evolves into a leader running a private members gym, my responsibility to ensure I deliver value to every single one of you grows.

This monthly blog is a way for you to stay on top of what’s happening at Everyday Fitness and another way that I can deliver value to your eyeballs and into your brain. So here goes, everything that I have learnt over the last 10 years in the industry as well as everything I continue to learn will be given to you so that you can fail faster and learn more on your way to becoming the version of yourself you dream of becoming. After all, we’re all chasing something and however that looks to you, chase it hard and fast and don’t give up until you get there. It’s possible, let me help show you that.

The focus point for January 2024 is where every single journey should start - Self reflection.

It’s clear that if you’re reading this now, you’ve likely had some experience of living life. You have a lifestyle, a current routine, you have responsibilities, you have habits and you have characteristics that make you, you. With that said, all of those things have led you to the place you are in today. Therefore, it is important that you know before we start on our journey to make this the greatest year of your life, we must first understand what the story you tell yourself, about yourself, is and how  it serves you. Let me explain.

Have you ever walked into a room and said ‘sorry I’m late, I’m always running behind’ or have you ever walked into the staff room, seen a box of quality street and said ‘I’ll just have one, I’m such a sweet tooth’. These are examples of the stories we tell ourselves about ourself. They may seem harmless on the face of it however, if we dig a little deeper research suggests that the stories that we tell ourselves do in fact shape our daily habits.

Our daily habits shape our progress. They simply make or break goals. They can be wonderful if you can harness them for good but if used negatively, they can derail us completely. Habits are the bodies ability to perform actions without actively thinking about it so that our brains can focus on bigger tasks. If we’ve performed this action before and it served us in some way, we’ve had a positive response. If we put the body in this situation again our bodies and mind now know how to find a pleasurable experience, wether it serves us or not and it will repeat the action.

The story that we tell ourselves about ourselves are the make up pf our curernt identity, they are values in which we live our lives. The values (story we tell ourselves) then shape our daily habits and actions to allign the two together. Identity = Values = Habits & actions. We must therefore reflect on our current story and decide if that story is the story that will lead you to your dream goal. If it is, great keep doing what your’e doing! If it is not, you need to do this next exercise:


Think about your goal. Think about how you would like your life to look, think about this in detail, write it down if it helps you paint your picture. Once you have a vision on what this might look like in your life, think about what type of person you would need to be in order to sustain those goals today.

For example; if your goal is to lose 10lb, think about what type of person you would need to be if you were 10lb lighter than you currently are right now and wanted to stay there. You’d probably be the type of person that seeked to be active on a daily basis, that might be taking a walk each morning whilst planning what meal you’re going to have for the day or going to the gym for 30 minutes. Maybe you’re someone who’d like to get a promotion at work- what type of person would you need to be to do the job at the higher level? You might need to be the type of person that makes it a habit to further educate themselves on a specific topic. You can then break this down to making it a smaller habit, such as read 5 pages of a book each night and slowly from there you can increase your knowledge pool.

So, take some time. Think about your goals, think about the person you would need to be in order to achieve them, decide on an identity and make sure that every action you take aligns with your identity. I can guarantee you that, within one year, the change you will see will be astronomical.

Over the course of the next year I’ll be sharing some stories about success and failure and how important they both are to each other. If we fail, we learn and we grow on our journey to success and when we do taste the success, it is so much sweeter! The biggest failure of all though is, if you fail to act on what I’m sharing with you. Even if you find that another way works best for you, at least you tried, at least you took action. A lot of people will read this blog and take no action and see no change. Do not let that be you, throw yourself into this and I promise you that if you are willing to take action then you will be rewarded. You will either win or you will learn and both are so valuable in this short life, you have no time to waste.


‘Nothing changes if nothing changes..’

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