Our concept 

Simply, our role at ParnellHarper is to assist our clients to live a physically better life.

We share a passion for what we do and care passionately about helping you achieve the best version of yourself.


We look to meet your needs by combining our experiences from years of involvement in the health and fitness industry, knowledge developed during postgraduate and further study, and personal participation in a variety of sporting activities. We are committed to continuing our professional development to bring the most up-to-date evidence-led practices to your treatment and training.


We aim to not only help our clients achieve their goals, but to help them understand more about their body, and educate them on how best to minimise or avoid pain and maintain optimal physical fitness.


Every individual has differing needs, motivations and objectives: we deliver an individualised response tailored in concert with you, whether for the purpose of acute pain management, recovery from injury, preparation for a specific event, or longer term fitness and performance goals.

Physiotherapist Swindon
Physiotherapist Swindon
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