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Personal Training


Danny Day 

Director & CEO of Everyday Fitness

I'm Danny Day and I'm the owner of EveryDay Fitness. I genuinely believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to with the the right amount of hard work, discipline and consistency and guidance. I first started my fitness journey as a way of clearing my head and searching for that sense of achievement. Once I found my sense of fulfilment within health and fitness, I couldn't wait to share that with other people. I get to change lives for a living, which is not only a privilege but incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. 

I continue to work with a range of clients to improve health & fitness specialising in fat loss, event preparation and strength training. I’m also fortunate enough to work with professional athletes competing in Olympic qualifiers and the being consistent on the world stage. I live and breath what I do for a living and delivering a high standard of Personal training comes at the forefront of everything with have built here at Everyday fitness. 

Personal Trainer Swindon
Physiotherapist Swindon

Claire Parnell 

MSc, BSc (Hons), MSST

Claire has worked in the health and fitness industry since completing her degree in Sports Science in 2000. Her career has taken her through managing the Fitness First Fleet Street London branch to working in professional football.


Since moving to Swindon in 2007 she has focused on personal training and her passion for rehabilitation of injury and strength and conditioning to reduce the likelihood of injury. This brought her to completing a Masters in Sports Therapy in 2016.


Claire has worked within professional and amateur sport, working for Swindon Town Football Club, Wiltshire Tennis Academy and Swindon Dolphins. She has also been a yoga teacher since completing her teacher training in 2004.


Claire is a keen runner and cyclist and has competed internationally both in her youth and now as a Great Britain age-group athlete. Claire is keen to get her clients enjoying exercise and understands the frustration of injury. She believes that if her client is learning and having fun then the goals will take care of themselves, regardless of them being weight loss, pain reduction or increased mobility.


Claire is a member of the Society of Sports Therapists.

Kevin Harper


Kevin holds a Masters qualification in Sports Therapy and has additional certifications in sports massage, personal training and fitness instruction. His career in the health and fitness industry spans over a decade and encompasses a variety of different sports including local rugby, national level field hockey and professional womens football. He has supported the social, amateur and elite sportsman and woman within all age groups and at various stages of training and competition. Whilst working for a number of private practices, Kevin acquired extensive experience in the provision of pain management, injury diagnosis and rehabilitation, training programmes and personal fitness, and goal-based physical performance.


Kevin’s client base has ranged from arthritis sufferers and stroke rehabilitation patients to elite sportspeople, and in age from pre-teens to octogenarians. His interest in helping people move and perform to their full potential allows him to individualise treatment for the post-knee replacement patient as well as the ultra-marathon runner, from the desk-bound worker with back pain to the team sport player.


As a participant in numerous endurance events and team sports across many years he has acquired a first-hand knowledge of the physical demands and consequences of training and participation in such activities. Kevin has played football to semi-pro level, completed Ironman events, and continues to be an active runner.


Kevin is a member of the Society of Sports Therapists.

Physiotherapist Swindon
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