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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Firstly, I would like to say I've tried to write blogs a few times before and never actually finished them off. I'd like to change that going forward. Time would normally be an issue for these types of things but I have no excuse right now. Those that know me, know I have a lot of passion and a lot to say so it's about time I wrote that down.

My views about so many things have changed over the years, so I'm sure I'll be able to look back at this and think I was talking shit about some of it, but thats okay. As we evolve, so do our ideas, I'm always looking for further education, I don't think that we should ever stop learning. I've also read a lot of blogs and not taken anything away from them, that's not what I want to happen here. Your time is valuable and I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to have a read.. so let me give you some value back.

We all have areas we would like to change about ourselves, and if we are being honest with ourselves are we ever really going to be happy? I myself have the same battle you do, searching for the perfection we now deem to be ordinary because of how accessible it is to find. I could open Instagram within 5 seconds and see the perfect 6 pack or a picturesque bikini shot, thats just the way the world is now. I want to take nothing away from the people that we see on a day to day on those platforms, they've worked incredibly hard to get to that point and good for them. Now lets talk about what's realistic for you.

When we talk about goals, we often have an idea in our head of what we want to look like, without the knowledge or understanding of what might actually need to happen in order for us to make that a reality. Very few of us actually have athletic targeted goals as we get older and leave the hobby sports behind, so it becomes more about the way we look and a lot more importantly now, how we feel about ourselves.

What we must first do is to take into consideration our lifestyle and how happy you are right now. Take a look around you, are you healthy? Do you have good people around you? Are you happy with your job? Do you sleep enough? What amount of free time do you have? Once you've done that and answered those questions, think about what fitness goal you'd like to achieve, does it come inline with your life style? If not, what Changes are you willing to make, you may have to make some sacrifices.

Once you've asked yourself those questions, you start to create a picture of how you want your life to look. Ive always been someone that is driven by work, not even money, I just love to work. I don't care what it is you have me doing, my hard work will always out weigh my talent for anything and I'm okay with that.'Hard Work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard', I live by that comment. Firstly you must understand who you are and how your personality might lend itself to your fitness journey. Once you get a better understanding of who you are, use it to your advantage. There is no blanket plan for everybody, we are individuals for a reason and let's keep it that way.

Okay. Go ask yourselves those questions- write that down, let's be proactive here. Grab your diary too..

I've often looked at my work week and created a diary that would be absolutely perfect for me, thinking about things that are important to me such as eating and training when I felt was optimal, making sure I had enough appointments to make enough money without losing quality of service and spending quality time with family and friends. Now I understand what I want my week to look like, I need to have a look at what my week actually looks like and start to Make changes based on the two differences. Im really all about improving the quality of your life, when we're in the gym I'll set out a programme and Make you stronger no doubt, but can we really improve your quality of life? Thats a challenge and I'm determined to make that happen.

So we've looked at how we want our week to look, what's in our control and the changes we can make, some things won't be within our control and you must find a way to manage that. Now we've done that, we can start to make changes to improving quality of life. Lets move to the next step, what to do with your time once you've got there.

In the Gym, its so easy to float around, to go in and do what you've always done because thats what you know, in your head you feel comfortable doing the routine you've set yourself, so that becomes the default. Unfortunately, no progress was ever made in anyones comfort zone, you'll stay the same for however long the period is that you're doing the same thing for. Your body will become more efficient over time and you'll start to see the progression you've made slow down. Everyone single person around you in the gym felt the same way you did at some point, every single person went to their 'first class' or their 'first gym session' and they came out the other side. I remember when my brother first became a PT way before I even thought about it, he messed me up so bad and I fell in love with the process of becoming better.

So now is the time to change things up, go to a new class, take a friend to the gym and go through what they do, get yourself a personal trainer or have a plan written for you that gives you some direction. Whatever you do, take some advice from someone who has experience and has tailored that plan specific to you.

I'll always stand by this saying, I say it weekly. 'I wouldn't be able to walk into your work, whatever you do, and just know exactly what to do'. So many people put themselves under pressure to know how to change their body without the knowledge and understanding to do so, it takes years of experience, hours of training, an understanding of so, so many variables that unless you take them all into consideration, you're going to find any real change super hard.

With all that said, I really could go on all day. I wanted to plant some seeds into your mind as to what things you need to think about when embarking on your health and fitness journey. I, like a lot of you, lead a lifestyle that lends itself to making sure everyone else is okay and accounted for, what you must do now is take control back for yourself. Reinvesting in yourself is one of the best things you'll ever do, you need to take care of yourself and remember you have your own life to live, despite how many people might rely on you. Ironically, once you've done that you become a better person to the people that are around you, everyone benefits. Happy days.

My parting message is to do what makes you happy and fulfilled, for me health and fitness is a huge part of the process and if I can help you find that too, then what are we waiting for? Go and understand who you are and what changes you might need to make, work a path backwards from your end goal to create a plan to follow. Set yourself milestones along the way and make every single Day count.

Danny Day

Everyday Fitness

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