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Premium membership 


Enjoy a 20% discount on our premium membership package. (Identification required) 

Our membership with the most value. Including full gym access, as well as unlimited class booking and access to live streamed virtual classes. You’ll also receive a full gym programme based on your goals and then a review of that programme every 4-6 weeks with an experienced personal trainer. 


Our Gym, designed by experienced personal trainers is split over two floors to ensure the best possible training experience. Downstairs hosts our dedicated cardio room. From treadmills to bikes, steppers, cross trainers and rowers, we have everything you need to get a sweat on and improve your overall fitness. There is also a space for you to enjoy some relaxing stretching, improve your core strength or work on injury rehabilitation.

Upstairs is where you will find the weights. Split into 3 sections, our functional cardio area holds the tools to ensure you can raise your heart rate and work on your power. 

Our strength area is host to free weights such as dumbbells and kettlebells, Squat racks, benches and Olympic bars and plates. As well as all of this, our cable machines to give you the ability to take your strength up a gear or to isolate muscles groups with its multifunctional capabilities. 

Our TRX frame completes the gym with an area you can set yourself up in with mirrors to ensure form is perfect. 


Our classes are designed to ensure that if you were to only attend classes and you did so 7 days per week, you would achieve something different from each day. Our experienced team of instructors have designed progressive programmes that take your health and fitness and put you on a path to feeling fitter, stronger and healthier. From full body strength classes, to shorter High intensity interval training we have something for everyone. All levels of fitness welcome, we limit the number of participants in each class to deliver a truly personal experience to ensure you make the most of your time with us. 


Our virtual classes follow the class timetable as you join live classes from anywhere in the world. Once you’ve booked on, you’ll receive an individual link that allows you to join the class and take part as if you were there. You’ll be able to see your instructor the whole time to ensure you’re doing what you should be doing, the way you should be doing it. Perfect for those who travel or can’t always make it out of the house to the gym but don’t want to miss out on working on their health and fitness.


All premium memberships come with a full programme writing session to show you how the equipment works as well as putting you on a path to work towards your goals. You’ll then receive full accountability when we review how you’ve been doing 4-6 weeks later. 

You’ll receive unlimited access within our opening hours 7 days per week. With no need to book the gym you can attend at a time that suits your lifestyle. 


We are so confident you’ll love it, a one month cancellation notice period is all that is needed to end you membership with us, so you can join safe in the knowledge that if your circumstances change, you're not tide into a contract long term. 


Sign up online today and you can start using the gym immediately.